Who We Are

Founded by three retired Law Enforcement Officers with each over twenty years of service within the New York City Police Department. Proudly serving as Police Officers, Investigators, and Front Line Supervisors in various enforcement and investigative assignments.

After retirement, they came together again in another career and began thinking of ways to give back and help members of the service in need as well as their families.

In late summer of 2021, one of the founders traveled with his family to Colombia and it was there at a coffee plantation while being immersed in the experience, he discovered the fine taste of true renowned quality coffee. Upon return and now with an appreciation of fine coffee, these entrepreneurs began to set the groundwork for this concept, to Pour The Finest Coffee for the finest men and women of law enforcement as a testament to all those who serve and sacrifice.


Our Mission

At Pour the Finest we honor and thank all Law Enforcement, Police Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Services Workers, Paramedics, EMTs, as well as Service Members and all of their families. The hard work, dedication and sacrifice of these professionals do not go unnoticed. Our goal is to raise money through the sale of our high-quality coffee and donate to Law Enforcement and First Responder charities and worthy causes.

We want to create a community of customers who will generously support and honor our heroes and their families.

Pour the Finest will be our way to give back to those who have sworn to protect and serve.